Nyhm’s WOW Guide- 4 guides in 1

By Demetra Zani 
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Nyhm’s WOW Guide- 4 guides in 1

Nyhm's Warcraft Guide is a package consisting of four guides that contain high quality information on gold making, leveling up, PvP and professions respectively. The e-books are in PDF format which allow you to use them during game play. Along with being comprehensive the guide is easy to use.

Gold Making Guide

The book contains more than 120 pages that you can download instantly from the member’s area after you place your secure order. The Step-by-step instructions in the guide will allow you to collect 10,000 gold in a week by showing you the best gold making spots in the game. Some players really waste all their efforts by going to the wrong locations; this guide shows you the best places to grind depending on your level.
Grinding can get very boring at time but using the tips in this guide you will be able to do more in less time. The guide also teaches you how learn how to become an expert merchant and buy all of your items cheap and sell them at a higher price just minutes after buying.

It teaches you the 7 most important Auction house principles. Learning and mastering these will turn you into a crafty trader that raises tons of gold with little effort.
This guide will benefit experienced players, as well as beginners.

Profession Guide
This guide contains more than 125 pages and the instructions given on those pages will allow you to master all professions. It also shows you the steps necessary to avoid bad mistakes made by a lot of the players trying to level up their professions.

There is a list of materials given that you can buy and have all the resources you require ready in advance. You can learn how to off-load your crafting by-products and find out which items let you do very well at the Auction House.

Leveling Guide
This guide has 230 pages and it will help you get you from level 1-80 in less than a week’s time. It includes a Death Knight Leveling and Class Guide and detailed quest descriptions and optimized questing paths for your convenience.
Within the guide, there are two separate guides: a Horde Leveling Guide and an Alliance Leveling Guide that covers all levels. It also comes with a map to a path of items, gold and quests that takes you all the way up to level 80.

PvP Guide
The guide is 85 pages of .PDF documents that contain PvP macros that have will save you valuable time in every fight. It has tested arena and 1 on 1 strategy for all the classes in WOW. With the information provided in the guide you can learn how to dominate every battleground. It also list of items that all serious players should obtain.

Using Nymphs WOW guides you can not only become a better player but know the strategies that can get you to the high-end player status. There is also a 60 day money back guarantee in case you don’t find the guide useful.

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